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Photo above, Mark tagging a really nice find of a 9 foot Fraser nestled in between several other bigger trees. Oct. 2013
Tom Tagging a 6 foot Fraser that meets our standards.
The Christmas Tree Grower himself, Bonie on the right, standing in front of a really sweet 13' to 14'. Adam Muir slapping a tag on that baby in the backround.. 
A rainy, wet morning at 4,800 feet elevation. It was Adam's 1st year tagging, he was pretty pumped with this find of some really nice 9 footers.

 The Fraser Fir is native to the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. They Thrive in the deep red Appalachian soils at elevations over 5,000 feet. 

 The growing and harvesting of the Fraser Fir is risky and very labor intensive.

 The Ho Ho Ho Co spends 4 days in late October hand selecting each tree that is to be brought up the tree lot in Royal Oak. 

 Below are a few photos of the trees we tagged this year.